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Posted In: Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes, Volunteer Program Posted On: November 12, 2015

Team Kabbalah volunteers

This year The Kabbalah Centre MiamiCommunity Outreach Program participated in the Special Olympics 30th Anniversary. On March 4th, the Special Olympics children and adults competed to qualify for the state of Florida Special Olympics Track and Field Event that will be held this summer.

getting excited for the competition

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Posted In: Kabbalah Centre International Posted On: November 12, 2015

Karen Berg

The holiday of Pesach, or Passover, was celebrated this year on April 6 and 7 in Kabbalah Centres across the world, with many students joining the Rav, Karen, Yehuda, and Michael Berg at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego for a powerful connection. This unified gathering included more than 1000 students from locations spanning the globe across six continents. The 15th of the month of Aries, known as Pesach, is one of the most powerful 24 hour periods of the year. Traditionally, Pesach is known as the holiday where we retell the story of the Israelites’ being lifted out of slavery in Egypt and brought into freedom. But...

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Posted In: Kabbalah Centre International, The Zohar Project Posted On: November 12, 2015

The Kabbalah Centre has embarked on its next prodigious endeavor—writing the entire Zohar on parchment! With The Kabbalah Centre’s Yehuda Berg as creator and head of the project, this intricate process, which is exactly the same as writing the Torah, has only just begun in New York – commencing from the portion of Mishpatim. Each portion of the Zohar has been laid out like the Torah so that there will be a book of Genesis, a book of Exodus and so on. A number of scribes will be commissioned for the task, each writing a book at a time – with 5 books in the Zohar, and the average scroll taking anywhere from a year and a half to 2 years to complete, this...

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Posted In: Kabbalah Centre International Posted On: November 12, 2015

Mexico Centre students

The wisdom of Kabbalah has become quite popular in Latin America, and Mexico is no exception. With two Centres in Mexico City alone, the hunger for Kabbalah amongst Mexicans keeps growing and spreading to more and more of the populace. The Mexico Centre welcomed Yehuda in late February, ushering in the New Moon of Pisces on Thursday the 23rd with a special lecture in which some 600 persons were in attendance. The event took place at Pajares restaurant in the renowned Pantalon building; Kabbalah Centre books were on sale while attendees mingled over coffee both beforehand and afterwards. Then on Friday and Saturday, 350 members of the Kabbalah Centre Mexico community...

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Posted In: Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes, Volunteer Program Posted On: November 12, 2015

Volunteer Team

In the month of March, Kabbalah Centre students of Los Angeles were invited to share their time and talents with Team Kabbalah and a community in need. On March 11th, volunteers had the opportunity to support Project Chicken Soup in Culver City. Founded in 1989, Project Chicken Soup is a non-profit organization that prepares and delivers free, nutritious kosher meals to those living with HIV/AIDS in the Los Angeles area. Entirely inclusive, these services are provided to all persons regardless of their faith or religious...

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Posted In: Kabbalah Centre International Posted On: November 12, 2015

Shabbat at Beit Shumuel

Picking up from where we left off… On the morning of February 3rd near the Western Wall of Jerusalem in the Davidson Center, David Berg, son of Monica and Michael Berg, embraced the ancient practice of laying Tefilin in honor of his Bar Mitzvah.  “A truly transformational moment,” says Billy, longtime student and friend.  Black crows were seen circling around the wall, and as soon as David put on his Tefilin everyone started singing and white doves and pigeons were seen soaring overhead.  “It was an epic moment.  He channeled his father and the lineage before him like a true pro!” says Betsy, another...

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Posted In: Kabbalah Centre International Posted On: November 12, 2015

Shabbat in Nablus

“It is a privilege to begin our year here in Israel, the spiritual nucleus of the earth.  As we enter 2012, we can feel that there is a new kind of pressure among us.  The cosmos is pushing us to move towards greater empathy, human dignity, and unconditional love.  In response to that energy, each of us personally, as well as humanity on a large scale, seems to be seeking a connection to something beyond the material world.  What a perfect time to be here together, making connections beyond time, beyond space and beyond motion.  This is our opportunity to connect to the Righteous souls who walked before and paved a way, opened a portal for each and every one of us to...

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Posted In: Kabbalah Centre International, Volunteer Program Posted On: February 14, 2012
Team Kabbalah VolunteersTeam Kabbalah Volunteers
On February 8th, Team Kabbalah volunteers of Miami celebrated Tu b'Shvat by getting their hands dirty and planting a tree with their community outreach program. More than just a day of environmental awareness and appreciation for trees, Tu b’Shvat provides us the spiritual opportunity to go above our nature and gravity – just as a tree grows against the nature of gravity – in every aspect of our lives. The day began around noon as a 7 foot mahogany sapling and various bushes arrived at the... Read More
Posted In: Kabbalah Centre International, Kabbalah University Posted On: March 16, 2017

Over 650 people have registered for the Israel Energy Tour beginning January 31 through February 6, 2012, in addition to 750 people that will be celebrating Shabbat Beshalach in Israel. Now you too can participate and connect to the collective consciousness occurring over the next 7 days! Available to all Kabbalah University Members and non-members alike, we invite you to join us for special LIVE streaming from select energy sites in Israel from January 31- February 5, 2012. With the wisdom and tools given to us by kabbalists throughout history, we can turn on the Light for the world. The land of Israel, although tiny relative to the other nations, contains reservoirs of energy from...

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Posted In: The Zohar Project Posted On: January 17, 2012
Zohar Project VolunteersZohar Project Volunteers who made the Texas Outing a huge success
“For five years we’ve had no hurricanes in Miami.  You want to know where our energy comes from? Where creation and miracles come from? These people are the reason!”
said Karen Berg on December 31st as she congratulated and applauded the extraordinary efforts of the recent Zohar Project team, whose latest undertaking resulted in 4,400 Zohars distributed during a five day Zohar Outing from Galveston to Corpus Christi along the coastline of Texas.
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In the midst of such chaos in my life, I have been able to find peace through studying Kabbalah. Without any doubts whatsoever, I would highly recommend anyone to call. I am so thankful for The Kabbalah Centre, because it has made all the difference in my spiritual growth and development.

- Susan Perry Simpson

Kabbalah is the best gift I have had this year. But it did not come easy. It is a result of a lot of hard, focused, and disciplined work my teacher guided me through. Often I had to go out of my comfort zone to apply the tools. But the satisfaction and confidence I now feel is indescribable.

- Sam Parnaso

Now I look back and question what exactly I did and how I managed without these teachings in my life.

- Christopher Smith