Renewing Ourselves

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Renewing Ourselves

Karen Berg
Março 17, 2019
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At any given moment we possess the power to start over again. The human experience is like an “earth school” in which we learn the ways of our soul and connecting to divinity. In life, we will make mistakes. This is our process and it is expected of us. Would we ever judge or criticize a child who stumbles while learning to walk? We can show ourselves and others this same love all throughout our lives. The Creator bestows upon us this mercy and love. Each day when the sun rises, we are blessed with another day at earth school. We are never held bound by our mistakes or past, rather we always have a way to release them. They never limit the potential of who we can become. Our pasts are not necessarily our futures. We are able to strive beyond the confines of who we once were towards becoming who we are destined to be. This week, the holiday of Purim is celebrated and it showers us with merciful energy designed to renew and restore us. Kabbalists teach that the purification of the single day of Purim is equivalent to all the spiritual work we undergo in the month of Virgo and Libra. The merciful and beautiful light of renewal comes to us this week, allowing us the great gift to be free from our past mistakes and stretch beyond them to our soul’s most authentic existence. 

"We read about ourselves."

Our guide and energy source this week comes to us via the portion of Tzav. In Tzav, we learn further of the Creator’s wishes for us. The Torah is our spiritual instruction manual for life. We learn from the kabbalists, that without the wisdom and energy of the Torah, life is challenging. The Creator provided us the Torah for the sole purpose of helping improve our lives. In Tzav, the Creator informs Moses of the sacrificial and ordination process of the high priests. The high priests were originally chosen from among the Israelites and were given the holy duty of channeling the renewal process for everyone. But where today are the high priests and the Temple to make our sacrifices? They are actually both still present. In truth, we are each our own high priests, our Temple is this world in which we live, and our sacrifices are the ways in which we give to others. Tzav explains the process of purification and ordination of the high priests in addition to the purification of the Israelites, all of which were done with various offerings and sacrifices. In this way, they elevated themselves, made amends of prior mistakes, and were given the great gift of a clean slate allowing them to further elevate towards the Light of the Creator. We, too, are given this precise opportunity and privilege this week. The Torah is a living book. We are never simply reading about Moses and the high priest -- we read about ourselves. As Purim, the most elevated holiday of the year, approaches near week’s end, we are bathed in complete renewal and restoration. Our past is just that, the past. We need only to make the effort in becoming our own high priests. We need to only make the smallest of efforts towards the energy of love and the Creator. It is through our own spiritual sacrifices of love to others that we may achieve this.

"The merciful and beautiful light of renewal comes to us this week."

There are many treasures found in life. Being in love and finding your soulmate for life is one. True love is our source of joy and fulfillment. Friendship is another, as it offers us the truest of happiness, as well as the support and needed hand to hold during life’s trials. And nothing can compare to the rewards of being a parent. But all of these treasures require a certain sacrifice on our part. Relationships of all kinds are a constant experience of giving and receiving. Each relationship requires the offering of ourselves in order to sustain them. It is the relationships with people which are the true treasures in this world and they provide for us the nurture and support we need. However, they can only be born from our own giving and self-sacrifice. We cannot expect someone to commit to us for a lifetime unless we are willing to commit to the same. We cannot have a true friend in another unless we offer friendship ourselves. We cannot experience the joys of having children unless we are willing to make the commitment in raising them. It is through our acts of love that we become the high priest of our lives. Devotion, care, love, and giving are the sacrifices in the holy temple of life. Every day of our lives, if we are open to it, we can be high priests of giving, contributing, and loving that this world so desperately needs. All the while understanding this beautiful energy will come back to us. It is in this giving to others that we give to ourselves. It is in loving others are we able to renew ourselves from the mistakes we have made and elevate to the Creator. It is in the works of the heart and hand that we find our power, renewal, and purpose.

This week in our meditation, we foresee the upcoming cosmic event of Purim. We stand before the once-a-year opportunity of renewal and rejuvenation in which we are able to be washed clean from our past and be prepared for the new astrological year ahead. The higher spiritual intelligence of Purim could only manifest in this month of Pisces. Pisces is the righteous fish living and breathing in the water. Its life is dedicated to mercy and love. We bathe in this same Light now. Take yourself to the warm waters of the world. Slowly step into the lake of mercy and love. Submerge yourself in this Light and allow yourself renewal and cleansing. Be open each day to give the gifts of love and mercy to others. Be willing each day to make the smallest of sacrifices of yourself for another, knowing that this is the path to your own fulfillment. For, to experience true love, we must first give love. To have true friendship, we must first be a friend. To experience mercy in this world, we need to give mercy to others. It is in this way we can activate the power of Purim and the High Priest, not only this week, but every week of our lives. 

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