Astrology Forecast for April 6-12, 2014

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Astrology Forecast for April 6-12, 2014

Yael Yardeni
April 6, 2014

Hi Everyone! How is our new month of Aries unfolding? Hopefully, it’s giving us some good, fiery energy to start our astrological year!

I received many questions from you guys about the various moon eclipses taking place during the year. One of them will occur on the night of Pesach (April 14th) or the full moon of Aries. The other will happen during the full moon of Libra—but we have time before we get to that one!

For thousands of years, much ink has been spent on eclipses, not to mention the moon and sun. As always, the kabbalists give us very interesting insights about them. Moon eclipses are said to be difficult for "spiritual" people, whereas sun eclipses are very hard for "non-spiritual" people. Oh dear! What does THAT mean?

We learn from the kabbalists that the moon rules people who are willing to share and give of themselves, whereas the sun controls those who are more connected to their egos or personal agendas. That makes a lot of sense since the moon helps us relate to our deeper self, and the Sun is the boldest and most revealed part of ourselves, that is, the ego.

We probably all belong to both categories at some point in our lives, so let's see what should be done to overcome eclipses altogether. (This is much attuned to the energy of this week.)

The world’s chart opens up with very strong Scorpio energy. Currently, quite a few planets are in Aries already, which creates a very Martian type of atmosphere. The apex of the chart is also in a fire sign, it's in Leo! At the very least, we can say the cosmos is not exactly peaceful right now!

A very important question is raised cosmically this week: What does it take to become a real leader in our lives? I don’t think I'll have enough ink to answer this one properly! The chart gives us very nice insights though.

Contrary to popular beliefs, a leader is not a control freak. Quite the opposite! A true leader has to be able to listen to others, to be adaptable and light (moon in Gemini and Mercury in Pisces), and must want to serve others (sun, Uranus, and south node in 6th house of the chart). More importantly, a leader should be gifted with a good heart (highest point in the chart is in Leo) and bravery (Aries, sun, and Uranus).

This week, the cosmos is asking us to improve our leadership skills and put them to the test. If we don't proactively test ourselves, believe me, the cosmos will test us this week for sure!

Spiritual leader of the Kabbalah Centre International, Karen Berg, is a true example and blessing for all of us. Like all kabbalists, she listens to everyone, and happens to be a real wellspring of wisdom. These are the exact qualities we can draw from the cosmos this week. We just need to realize that we are often our own worst enemies when it comes to leadership. Our insecurities make us control freaks, preventing us from listening to others, and worrying more about what others are thinking. "What are they thinking about me?" is totally out of the question when we lead. No leader will ever have a 100% satisfaction rate unless he is a dictator!

Leading also means we have to accept opposition. Opposition is great because it challenges us to think BIGGER! In short, this week we are gaining great insight into becoming better, stronger versions of ourselves, and expanding our views wider than we thought we could.

We are also given an amazing Light in order to overcome our insecurities and fears, and take the lead in our lives. Kabbalistically, this is the secret to elevate ourselves ABOVE any difficult astrological influence, including eclipses. The cosmos is entirely supportive of that this week!

There is only one question left: Are we brave enough to accept the challenge?

I am sure we are! Let's go for it!

Have a fantastic and strong week!