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Dealing with the Big Green Monster


I have been reading books on Kabbalah and studying for almost a year now. And have tried to incorporate the wisdom into my life successfully, however, I have a serious jealousy issue with my friend. You see, my best friend and I are extremely close, but he is constantly hanging out with this other guy, who I'm also friends with. They are constantly together it seems and whenever I am aware of them being together it fills me with the Big Green Monster. I always feel really jealous, left out, lonely, and insecure. How can I use the wisdom of Kabbalah to help me get past this? ~LS


Dear LS,

The first step in overcoming your "green monster" is the very fact that you are aware and willing to admit that you have a "green monster" of jealousy! For that I applaud you. Next step, according to Rav Ashlag, the founder of the Kabbalah Centre and greatest kabbalist in the last 500 years, is to feel the pain of being disconnected from the Lightforce because of your jealousy. Rav Ashlag explains that it is NOT enough to just identify our negative thoughts, we must also feel the pain, loss, and chaos that our negativity causes by disconnecting us from the Lightforce of lasting fulfillment. Then the negativity will begin to go away because we will “naturally” do whatever we must in order to alleviate that pain.

Your next step, as I have learned from Rav and Karen Berg, is to be happy for your two friends when they are together. Wish them well; meditate that they will be good, spiritually-minded friends. Then, be grateful for YOUR friendship with each of them, and be grateful for all the other friends you have. Jealousy is based on lack, therefore the more you awaken your consciousness of abundant good in your life, the faster the jealousy will go away.

Some tools to use: scan the Zohar portion of Balak (volume 19) and 72 names of God Chet Hey Vav (against jealousy), and consider wearing a Red String from the Tomb of Rachel the Matriarch.

72 Name #24

Vav        Hey        Chet
Scanning direction

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