Bonus Lesson: The Seder In-Depth

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Pesach: The Technology of Freedom

Bonus Lesson: The Seder In-Depth

Fecha de publicación: Noviembre 15, 2013
Fecha de grabación: Marzo 21, 2010

Conceptos destacados de la clase

  • Each individual is the center of the universe
  • When we control the Opponent we control everything
  • The Seder  is the tool to  create order in our lives
  • Overcoming fears through certainty the Light will take care of us
  • The elements of the Seder representing the Tree of Life:
    • The three matzot
    • The seder plate
    • Shank bone
    • Egg
    • Bitter herb (marror)
    • Fruit blend (charoset)
    • Parsley
    • Lettuce
  • The four cups of wine correspond to the Tetragrammaton
  • The seder is on the 15th day (full moon) of Aries
  • Desire, fear and love corresponding to Keter, Chochmah and Binah
  • Food connects us to Aba, Drink connects us to Ima
  • The four cups on wine create love for the right things, the matzah creates fear from the right things
  • The fifteen stages of the Seder
  • Kadesh: the first cup of wine removes the spirit of silliness and root of negativity (ruach shtut)
  • Leaning to the left when drinking wine and eating matzah during the Seder
  • Urchatz: the leader washes their hands
  • Karpas: transforming the negativity we face during the year
  • Yachatz: the three matzot and breaking the middle matzah: breaking the ego and connecting with desire for the Light
  • Magid: using words to remove our limitations
  • The second cup of wine: the union between Zeir Anpin and Malchut and awakening love for the Light
  • Rachtza: washing our hands
  • Motzi and Matzah: eating the matzah and meditating for the Opponent to be removed from our life
  • Maror:  the secret of restriction and removing death
  • Korech: eating matzah with marror
  • Enjoying the meal and being happy
  • Eating the egg: transforming pain to happiness
  • Tzafun: connecting to the Concealed Light
  • Barech: the blessings after the meal (Birkat HaMazon)
  • The third cup of wine: removing negative spirit
  • Halel: appreciating everything is from the Light and removing judgment
  • The fourth cup of wine and the cup for Elijah the Prophet
  • Nirtza: letting the Light control us
  • Singing Chad Gad Ya: Removing negative fear and connecting to the LIght
  • Singing 'Who is One': Love for the Light

Descripción de la clase

During the first night of Pesach or Passover-and only during the first night-the universe is free from the chains of destiny., Only on this night can we access the cosmic assistance needed to change and replace our movie for a better one without our having to be completel righteous human beings. Anyone can use this opportunity to activate the software in the book of connection-the Haggadah to draw spiriutal abundance from the hardware that is available at this time in the universe. Anyone can change his or her movie as if with a magic wand, thereby breaking free from preordained destiny. This is the whole secret of Pesach.

- Rav Berg

Join Senior Instructor Eliyahu Yardeni as he explains how to fully connect to the energy of freedom through the 15 steps of the Seder, the spiritual technology used on the first nights of Passover which can also be found in The Kabbalah Haggadah by Yehuda Berg.

Acerca de este curso

Kabbalists reveal that the holiday of Pesach or Passover is a powerful tool that can empower us to experience true freedom from the greatest prison of all, our ego. Utilizing kabbalistic prayers and meditations during this seven day period can free us from limitations and make connections that enhance the quality of our lives for the next year.This course will provide you with an understanding of how to prepare for Pesach, the tools used to connect with the Light available during this holiday and provides a foundation for elevating your consciousness and making the greatest connection possible to the energy of freedom during Pesach.

Instructores del curso