Lag B'Omer: An Opening for Humanity

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Lag B'Omer: An Opening for Humanity

Karen Berg
Mai 12, 2017
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Can you imagine a world where everyone knows that we each are a spark of the same Divine Light, regardless of our modality of prayer or unique pathway to God? A world where hatred has been converted to love? A world in which we see and feel the truth of our ultimate spiritual nature? Where we fully know our connection to one another and are completely fulfilled and sustained through that oneness?

That is the world that Rav Shimon Bar Yochai, the author of the Zohar envisioned and encapsulated. It is the energy of the Final Redemption of humankind; when all tears, pain and suffering will cease to exist because humanity no longer has need of them to reach our most elevated state. This is the very energy that is available to us on Lag B'Omer.

When a righteous soul leaves this world, their soul's light reverberates throughout the cosmos. Every year on the day of Rav Shimon’s passing – the 18th day of Taurus, the 33rd day of the Omer – the energy of Rav Shimon floods in our realm to help us nourish and transform.

Who is this Rav Shimon? Well, in short, he was one of the most powerful souls to walk this earth. He was a student of Rav Akiva -- the Rosh laHakhanim "Chief of the Sages," who was skinned alive by the Romans for sharing the cause of spirituality. Rav Shimon also faced persecution and was forced into hiding in a cave for 13 years with his son. There he received the wisdom of the Zohar, a revelation so mighty that when he exited the cave, entire fields spontaneously combusted due to the tremendous power of his glance.

At the time in which Rav Shimon lived, the world was not ready for such an immense spiritual revelation. The Zohar came from such a high place that very few could understand or learn from it. It took souls like Rav Isaac Luria and Rav Ashlag in the 20th century, and my late husband Rav Berg, to bring it to a place where people could access it. Now millions of people of all faiths and backgrounds are studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, achieving elevation of the soul through the Zohar.

Lag B'Omer is an opening through which we can access miracles, healing, and abundance – more so perhaps than on any other day of the year. All that is asked of us to access it is to simply be aware of its presence, the presence of Rav Shimon, and to exist in a state of joy. For this is a time of elevation and new beginnings. Be joyous, connect with your soul’s desire, and be in comradery with others wherever you can. Most importantly, find ways to share. Rav Shimon didn't keep his Light to himself, and neither should we.

If kabbalists throughout the ages were pioneers, then you and I are on the final frontier. Our role is to take this energy and give it form in our physical world through our consciousness, our positive words, and our deeds of love and kindness.

We are blessed with the awareness of the presence of this Light on Lag B'Omer. Let's use it to make the world better for our existence so we can truly reach the time when "all will know the glory of God."