Tetzaveh & Shabbat Zachor: Removing the Masks We Wear

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Tetzaveh & Shabbat Zachor: Removing the Masks We Wear

Veröffentlicht: Dezember 19, 2013
Original aufgenommen: Februar 26, 2007

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Höhepunkte der Lektion

  • Tetzaveh addresses the clothing of the High Priest (Kohen)
  • The unique work of the High Priest: being a servant without any attachment to personal possession
  • Shabbat Zachor: overcoming doubt and having certainty in the system
  • Rav Ashlag’s analogy of the baskets full of gifts: we cannot focus on the past or future
  • Doubt keeps us trapped in the past or future
  • The danger and types of anger: at external situations or people, at oneself, and suppressed anger
  • Doubt is an addiction to the past or future
  • Being in the present is a choice to release the past or future
  • Anger arises from doubt in the Light in the present moment
  • Freedom: not needing anyone or anything else to be stimulated and fulfilled
  • Moses' name is not mentioned in this portion: reducing our ego as Moses did
  • Being a servant means letting go of our ego so that we can serve others
  • The story of how Shimon Sarfati knocks on the door of a potential killer
  • The story of the businessman and the woodcutter and the mixed up remedies
  • The story of the baker and the beggar and the bread in the Ark
  • Servant consciousness compared to a calculated, cynical outlook
  • Certainty is the greatest cure of all and is manifested in matzah (unleavened bread)
  • Purim destroys doubt and Pesach removes the Opponent that created doubt therefore creating total certainty
  • The meaning of molten image: mask of God
  • Layers within us: Mask, Emptiness/Pain, Tikun/Klipot, and Soul/Light
  • The masks we wear: we hide our pain and emptiness therefore covering our souls beneath our masks
  • Identifying the masks we wear
  • The ego encourages us to wear the mask so that we never address our pain and never get to our tikun
  • Getting rid of the mask: going deeper to the level of the soul
  • Purim: exposing the mask and connecting to the soul 
  • Our role as a servant and High Priest


Tetzaveh discusses the clothing of the High Priest and reminds us of our role as servants of the Light. By taking up the role of a servant, we exercise certainty and can remove the masks we wear therefore connecting to our soul and true self. The tools of Purim and Pesach offer us the opportunity to remove the masks.

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Written 2,000 years ago by Rav Shimon Bar Yochai, the Zohar explains all of the secrets of the Bible, the Universe and every aspect of life. The Zohar class is a weekly journey to understand the energy and challenges that will confront us during the week and how we can elevate our consciousness to prevent chaos from occurring in our lives.