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Tauche noch tiefer in die Weisheit der Kabbalah ein, indem du dich persönlich beraten und Horoskope erstellen lässt.
Kostenlose Beratung durch einen Lehrer

Unsere engagierten Lehrer helfen dir, deine spirituelle Reise zu bewältigen.

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Kabbalistische Astrologie-Horoskop-Lesung

Das astrologische Horoskop hilft uns, unsere Seele kennenzulernen und den Erfahrungen, die wir machen, den Menschen, die wir kennen, der Arbeit, die wir tun, und den Weggabelungen mehr Bedeutung und ein besseres Verständnis zu geben.

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Persönliche Beratung - Kabbalah Centre Dienstleistungen

Persönliche Einzelsitzungen mit einem Lehrer, um einen Bereich zu vertiefen, der dich interessiert, oder um dich dort zu unterstützen, wo du es am meisten brauchst. Die Sitzungen reichen von Beziehungen über Tikkun bis hin zu tiefem Zohar-Studium, alles speziell für dich zugeschnitten.

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Success & Leadership

This study path contains six classes, as well as optional follow-up work for each class; reflection questions to help you internalize the wisdom, and 'thought into action' prompts to help you apply what you're learning to create real, meaningful change in your life.

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Success & Leadership

Wochen 1–2

When you hear the word prosperity, what do you think? Most of us associate prosperity with money. The Kabbalistic perspective on prosperity is entirely spiritual, the physical aspect being secondary. In this class you will start to redefine and reexamine your understanding of prosperity.

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Frage: After this class, what is your new definition of prosperity? How does your new definition differ from your previously held definition?

Vom Gedanken zur Tat: For the next week, every time you notice yourself desiring to receive something without any thought of others, pause, and actively think about how your receiving could potentially be shared with others or influence others in a positive way. For instance, if you notice yourself day-dreaming about a promotion, catch your thoughts, and start imagining how others could possibly benefit from you being promoted. Will having a higher salary allow you to give more to a charity? Will having more power allow you to empower others more?

Wochen 3–4

Explore the many qualities of leadership embodied in one of the foremost biblical characters, Moses. Through a Kabbalistc lens, Eitan explores the ways in which Moses’ leadership is applicable to us today. Sneak peak of the core leadership qualities covered: humility, inspiring positive action, proactive confrontation skills, perseverance, active listening, and a belief in everyone’s capacity to transform.

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Frage: Of all the leadership qualities Eitan mentioned, which one do you feel you need to work on cultivating most right now? Up until now, what has stopped you from expressing this quality fully (lack of awareness or desire)?

Vom Gedanken zur Tat: For the next week, practice the leadership quality you focused on above and notice the moments when you find it most difficult to do so. Examine your thoughts during these moments and try to pinpoint what the ego tries to tell you to stop you from expressing this quality.

Wochen 5–6

Kabbalah teaches that the worst part of us is the way that will reveal the most Light and the greatest gifts for the entire world. Transforming our most difficult traits is the key to receive all the blessings we desire. In this class you will start to rethink pain, failure, and challenges as they relate to prosperity.

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Frage: What are is one thing you are desperately clinging to in your life right now (person, place, idea, dream, desire, etc)? How can you start to loosen your grasp on whatever thing you chose above, with the intention that letting go will actually make room to receive?

Vom Gedanken zur Tat: For the next week, instead of continuing to avoid whatever pain you are afraid to face, practice facing it and fully experiencing it. For instance, if you constantly avoid expressing your true feelings because you fear the pain of rejection, speak up every time this fear surfaces and see what happens!

Wochen 7–8

Continue this path with a unique series of short clips from our senior teacher and business expert, Marcus Weston. Each clip focuses on a different aspect of business and leadership through a Kabbalistic lens. Learn about the following topics and more: the power of humility, power of choice, the masks we wear at work, mentoring, nurturing your team, and proactively communicating.

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Frage: Of all the masks Marcus spoke about in this class, which one do you find yourself wearing the most at work? Why do you think you wear this mask? What is the negative belief system that convinces you to wear this mask? For example, if your mask is the “hiding mask” maybe you wear it because on some level you believe “if people don’t see me, they can’t judge me” and “I cannot withstand the pain of judgement.”

Vom Gedanken zur Tat: For the next week, observe yourself over the next two weeks, and when you notice yourself starting to put on the mask mentioned above, practice consciously choosing to be seen as you are. Instead of reverting to the comfort zone of your mask, practice being uncomfortable fully exposed. See what happens when you show up as your unapologetic self.

Wochen 9–10

How is your relationship with money going? According to Kabbalah, money is energy and we never own energy, we simply manage it. In this class you will gain a new perspective on the purpose of money, your behaviors around money, and how to connect with continuous abundance. Eitan will also introduce specific Kabbalistic tools for prosperity.

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Frage: When, how and why are you wasteful with money? What is the core belief system driving this wasteful consciousness? For instance, if you find you constantly overspend when buying gifts for your kids, this could be driven by a belief system – “my kids love for me is based on what I give them (physically).”

Vom Gedanken zur Tat: Identify where in your life it is hard for you to share your money (strangers, family, friends, organization, etc) and just for this week, give something (doesn’t need to be significant) to this person or place simply to go against your nature.

Wochen 11–12

We know that like attracts like. If we want to invite abundance into our lives, we need to act like the Light – the source of all abundance. This is much easier said than done, but in this seminar, you will start to reexamine the ways in which your consciousness around money and success is not aligned with the Light. You will be challenged to uproot fears, let go of old attachments, and embrace certainty.

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Frage: What are the three main physical things you want to receive most in life right now? What is the energy behind these physical things that you are truly searching for (i.e security, respect, admiration, etc) and how will this energy help you manifest your potential?

Vom Gedanken zur Tat: For the next week, any time you feel something belongs to you, practice letting go of your attachment to it. Instead, inject the consciousness from the real estate lesson Shimon spoke about: “what’s mine is mine,” trusting what has affinity to your soul will always come back to you.

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